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Behind the MOVEMENT is the idea of pushing the development of LUTA LIVRE further and bringing „order“ to the relatively confusing scene of the SPARTA Lutadores in Germany.

Every school and every trainer should be registered, every trainer should be introduced, informed about events and training locations should be listed.

The members and trainers should be given a teaching structure that they can access at their own discretion.
Trainers and/or group leaders meet once a year for a „trainer comparison“ to exchange techniques, developments and experiences.

Where a few years ago we were still working with outdated, didactic means, no clearly defined teaching concept was created and rather trimmed to competitive sports, we now try to offer a home for competition-oriented athletes as well as for the normal hobby sportsman and to pick up every trainee where he or she is standing.

With the registration at a listed SPARTA LUTA LIVRE school, the award of a belt and the handing over of a certificate you are automatically a member of the movement and will be listed on the official homepage.

If we have aroused your interest to become part of the MOVEMENT, you just have to contact us!

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